Make disruptive technologies a new business opportunity

Mobility as the hub of the Smart City

MOVENS has been designed to be the mobility meta-platform for service delivery: its cutting-edge architecture and advanced technology enable to connect and to easily integrate all platforms provided by the global players operating in the Smart Cities market range from the small start-ups to the international interested in a growing variety of new scenarios. Its innovative technology was designed to link and integrate the various vertical applications and the horizontal layers developed by the global Smart City market players and to hold together the heterogeneous stakeholders that contribute to increase the market complexity and fragmentation.

It has been engineered to be the open source mobility meta-platform entirely user centric able to bring together the huge business opportunities by functional area: Smart Governance, Smart Education, Smart Energy, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, Smart Buildings, Smart Technology and others It is fully grounded on International State of Art Standards to ensures the highest degree of reliability, security and privacy compliance. 

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Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector

The automobile has long since changed from a technical to a social commodity: it guarantees our personal mobility and social participation, shapes our cities and landscapes, and structures our temporal and spatial thinking.

Nowadays, four disruptive and technology driven trends are impacting our everyday lives as well as the industry: autonomous driving, shared mobility, connectivity, and electrification. The automotive industry has the opportunity to shape this fundamental restructuring. Automotive players are transforming themselves from car manufacturers to mobility service providers or, better, to service providers increasingly user centered. Instead of only focusing on the buyers of new vehicles, the automotive value chain shall include and integrate all mobility users' needs.

New sales models will compete and converge with new operating models, autonomous driving algorithms will communicate with central transport systems, and Smart City services will be integrated with mobility platforms.

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Car rental industry upgrade

The car rental industry has gained popularity across the world, owing to the availability of online platforms, ease of booking, rise of smartphones, and increase of global business and tourism around the world, which have fueled the car rental market.

The market is driven by the increasing incorporation of advanced digital technologies in car rental services.
Car rental operators are increasingly embracing the latest technologies to improve service convenience, to expand their business implementing their membership procedures and to deliver a satisfying customer experience by providing a seamless, flexible and personalized service.

The mutual advantages are evident both for customers and car rental companies: customers can rely on a transparent and efficient service (thanks to keyless technology which allows to remotely gain access to the vehicles from the smartphone and to different payment methods conceived to meet the needs) and car rental operators can streamline their backend from access to real-time data about the car status and reservations
New sales models will compete and converge with new operating models, autonomous driving algorithms will communicate with central transport systems, and Smart City services will be integrated with mobility platforms.

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Reshaping the insurance industry

The mobility ecosystem that is taking shape will bring significant disruption to the insurance industry. In the face of the huge changes coming, insurers need to start acting and planning for it now.

With the development of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), individual ownership of vehicles is expected to decline. The emphasis is likely to shift from providing individuals with cover to providing insurance for fleet owners and AV manufacturers. Insurance is expected to become integrated into other services such as AV rental on a pay-per-use basis. Insurers will need to develop far more agile, responsive and real-time offerings that are wrapped into the connected mobility ecosystem.

Product is expected to become wrapped into other services and solutions (Insurance as a Service). There will be an emphasis on pay-per-use (e.g. driver pays per mile) and product liability for high value vehicle components. Instant cover will need to be available for immediate journeys through connected tech platforms. Underwriting is likely to become increasingly automated through telematics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of the key challenges will be the race to develop the best AI for underwriting, and to make the best use of the vast amounts of data generated to increase income.

New sales models will compete and converge with new operating models, autonomous driving algorithms will communicate with central transport systems, and Smart City services will be integrated with mobility platforms.

Our key features

MOVENS is designed to focus on people and on services; business is connected not only on “standard” mobility services but also on specific new offers coming from the knowledge of the users behavior and their needs.



MOVENS is the platform to manage new mobility services



You can build different services with the same platform



It is an open source platform easily integrable with all the others solutions for cross marketing

Services for the whole market can be built up, so you can both:

  • Focus on your current customers, with specific solutions for clubs and dealers
  • And/or you can be a global service mobility provider reaching immediately new customers that are not your brand customers

MOVENS Sharing main immediate benefits


Managing all patterns of sharing vehicles and rental: free floating, point to point, rental, corporate sharing, condominial sharing and all the mixed solutions (car pooling, ride sharing, peer to peer, integrated mobility system).
MOVENS Sharing is the performing platform that makes the encounter between user needs and third parties smart and seamless.


MOVENS open architecture natively integrates third parts businesses and solutions, seamless payments, insurance services, business intelligence and marketing platforms.


MOVENS Sharing is completely agnostic from any device installed so it can manage mixed fleets with different type of vehicles and technologies.


MOVENS is designed to be easily installed on any cloud; its completely open architecture is based totally on the most advanced open technologies.


MOVENS Sharing is a complete end to end solution: a complete user experience with native android and IoS white label, administration backend, fleet management system, call center system, payments system, marketing system and it can be customized and branded with absolutely no limit.