The IoE Platform for Energy Management Systems

Paving the way for Energy Sharing in the Smart Grid

Batteries are key to achieving Zero Net Emissions by 2050. Energy storage technologies can unlock significant opportunities to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into the overall energy system, thus contributing to the gradual replacement of fossil fuels and stabilizing the power grid during peak demand.

MOVENS Energy is a remote supervision platform for stationary and in motion energy systems of any complexity and scale.

Movens Sharing

Open Standard Protocol for secure interoperability

MOVENS Energy was developed to be hardware agnostic.

Its flexible microservice architecture enables easy third-party integration, great customization features, and speeds up time-to-market. 

MOVENS Energy is evolving according to the global standards set by MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) and EBA (European Battery Alliance).

Movens Sharing

Your Smart Energy Ecosystem with MOVENS Energy

MOVENS Energy is a technical remote "entity" supervision platform for energy systems of any complexity and scale. 

It has been designed with the purpose to ensure energy supervision, in cloud mode, of advanced IoT services and solutions tailored to any stakeholders' needs in the Smart City.

Monitoring can be extended to any device that produces measurements to provide a broader and deeper view of systems and processes.

Why choose MOVENS Energy?



Remote and real-time monitoring of energy sensors’ and systems’ data.
Energy consumption reduction, energy performance improvement and cost optimization.
Predictive diagnosis of any energy system based on both anomaly detection and user errors.
Energy System technical history and advanced statistics for highly efficient management.
Predictive models of network loads for energy balancing.
Large variety of applications in energy and mobility ecosystems, i.e. building, vehicle to grid (V2G), car sharing.
Scalable to monitor even millions of devices/measures without need to discard any useful information
Drivers and gateways for direct integration over most common industrial and residential data bus ( CANbus, Modbus, Profibus, LoraWan, etc.
Powerful visual data exploration tools helping engineers and managers diagnose, tune, and optimize systems and processes.
MOVENS Energy Architecture


Mission Critical Environment Technology

Mission Critical Environment Technology

Ensuring maximum reliability and security in critical circumstances and high adaptive capacity to respond to stressful events.

Alerts e Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Automatic configuration of Alerts, triggers, and notifications for events and breaches of critical thresholds.
Failure Prediction and Prevention.

Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Data processing and analytics based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to deliver actionable insights.

Web front-end and back-end applications

All features are available for developers via API

Data and insights are available anytime, anywhere. Data visualization built on customized dashboards based on specific key performance indicators (KPIs).

User management

User management

User can define hierarchies, roles and access rules ensuring that each operator gets access to the right set of functionalities and data.


Unlocking the business value of connected batteries

MOVENS Energy supervises battery management system (BMS) across entire vehicle fleets directly from your own cloud server. It includes the traditional real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring combined with the remote supervisory control system for electric powertrain and the collection of a massive amount and variety of vehicle data (sensors and CANBUS).


MOVENS Energy is based on Open Standard Protocols (MQTT and Kafka). It is already compliant with OBD2 Standard and supporting various devices including Owasys, Mobility on Cloud, Teltonika, TTcontrol. The platform can be easily connected by means of onboard AVL (i.e. BCU) or a AVL box already installed. This device can be installed in aftermarket or can be already setup by the OEM, no special requirements are needed to be compliant with it.


The purposes of remote diagnostics are:

Failure prevention.
Predictive intervention (i.e. maintenance).
Remote control to turn charging on/off.
Advanced statistics and technical history.
Future applications in a large variety of areas such as carsharing, buindings and industry.


MOVENS Eye needs a box that can freely program logics and protocols. Its mandatory features are:

Modem TCP/IP
Programmable Linux SO