MOVENS Sharing makes the car as the hub of all person-centered services

The high-performance and customized mobility platform entirely user centric

Mobility needs are evolving.

Citizens are requiring more and more access to multi-mode transportation (car, bike, scooter, train, plane) while paying only by minute and/or a flat rate for the whole package. Within the extended mobility ecosystem, users and economic players need a transport infrastructure which provides them with seamless and highly efficient solutions to urban mobility experience.
MOVENS Sharing is a full turnkey solution for sharing mobility based on MOVENS technology.

Movens Sharing

MOVENS Sharing is a full turnkey solution for sharing mobility based on MOVENS technology

MOVENS Sharing is the verticalization of MOVENS meta-platform on sharing mobility that gives all mobility operators one platform able to manage and configure any kind of different sharing services:

  • free floating
  • peer to peer
  • station-based
  • corporate vehicle
  • sharing short-medium-long term vehicle rental
  • condominium based-vehicle sharing

It is a complete end-to-end solution for sharing mobility based on the cutting-edge MOVENS technology and it is totally independent from any mobility operator. In its first release MOVENS Sharing implements a logic for smart mobility.
It manages different transportation authorities (train, subway, airlines, local transportation, vehicle sharing) so that mobility companies can provide with services their customers and offer integrated trip solutions issuing all needed tickets with only one payment.

Movens Sharing

Open Source and grounded on International State of the Art Standards

We believe that mobility platforms must be open source. Only in this way shared and free knowledge will be the boost of sustainable growth to a better and more ethical society.
MOVENS Sharing has been designed on a set of features that make the connection and integration with existing operative modules, applications and platforms an easy and quick to accomplish. It has been built based on International State of the Art Standards.

MOVENS Sharing

more than a sharing platform

Company's brand

Web admin/final user interfaces, mobile app are provided as "white-label". You can create your own platform with your company's brand using our APIs/libraries or adding/modifying the code of MOVENS. The user-friendly backend enable you to choose between an infinite possibility of settings directly from the dashboard and manage the sharing business in an easy and fast way.


MOVENS is planned to be compliant to international requirements about privacy. Compliance with the GDPR, for example, is the default configuration in the platform. A complete anonymization (complete, partial, scheduled on a time range) can be adopted for each role/user in reports, statistics, invoice history, operative management interfaces. In the structure of the databases, sensitive data is logically separated from the one used in the business logic. The data extraction can be filtered in compliance with the privacy law of the interested country.


The team of MOVENS considers the security as an intrinsic feature of the code, not a policy to apply. Frequent audits, continuous integration and deployment check scripts are at the base of our security philosophy. Furthermore, the “many eyes” approach to the code is fundamental for the security and the quality of the code. Potential problems can be fixed immediately, when discovered, before they occur.


It provides the possibility to use external credit card payment gateways with a customized pricing policy and invoicing creation. Complete outsourced third parties services can be linked to the platform (e.g.: Zuora).


MOVENS can elaborate real time reports and statistics. It is also able to make predictive analysis as well as to deeply investigate the organizational systems capacity under a variety of conditions, including stress factors (its ability to react to extraordinary events as the peak of traffic). It is a reliable tool for the assessment of long-range scenarios and for facilitating the strategic decision making with a broad involvement of various stakeholders.

Movens Sharing

Powerful platform

MOVENS infrastructure is independent from proprietary platforms.

The standard deployment is on a Kubernetes/Dockers CLUSTER environment. It works both in “on-premise” or “cloud” systems. It offers some important features and advantages:

  • Automated horizontal scaling of services (pods)
  • Automated recovery in case of service failure
  • Automated rolling deployments for seamless software releases
  • Continuous development, integration, and deployment.


Kubernetes hosted by Google Cloud Engine (but also by other providers such as Amazon EKS, Microsoft Azure) also provides:

  • Cluster hosts auto re-scaling (Its autoscaling capabilities are designed to tolerate extreme spikes in traffic: it can scale up to 1 million users instantly)
  • External load balancer
  • CDN (content delivery network, the goal is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users)
  • Firewalling management