MOVENS Sharing turns the vehicle into the hub of all person-centered services

The Evolving Mobility Ecosystem

Moving towards Transportation Service Interoperability.

The concept of SHARING is shaking up the global economy and is emerging as one of the founding principles of the Smart City. Every day, people around the world share an increasing number of material objects and non-material services.

The mobility sector is undoubtedly one of the sectors facing the greatest and most revolutionary changes.

The growing need to merge multiple modes of transportation into a seamless user experience - from shared mobility to corporate vehicle sharing and micro mobility - combined with the requirement for providing subscription and pay-per-use models requires a flexible and cutting-edge mobility platform entirely user-centric.

MOVENS Sharing is a complete turnkey solution for shared mobility, connnected and mobility services.


Movens Sharing

Open Standard Protocol for secure interoperability

MOVENS Transportation was developed to be hardware and software agnostic.

Its flexible microservice architecture enables easy third-party integration, great customization features, and speeds up time-to-market.

MOVENS Transportation is evolving in accordance with the international standards being set by MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative).


MOVENS Sharing

Full turnkey solution for shared mobility, connected and mobility services

MOVENS Sharing enables OEMs, dealer networks, rental, and leasing companies to maximize their fleet utilization, exceeding customers’ mobility expectations – corporate and private –  by offering a wide range of flexible and seamless solutions with an integrated user experience comprising sharing models, subscription, and pay-per-use products.
MOVENS Sharing is designed for the most demanding client needs as it manages any form of shared mobility service:

  • Free floating
  • Peer to peer
  • Station-based
  • Corporate vehicle
  • Sharing short-medium-long term vehicle rental
  • Ride sharing 
  • On-demand transportation

MOVENS Sharing is totally independent from any mobility operator and is designed for managing any type of vehicle (i.e., car, truck, coach, bicycle, scooter, etc.) as well as different transportation authorities (i.e., train, subway, airlines, local transportation, vehicle sharing). 

Movens Sharing

MOVENS Sharing manages:

USERS: customer database; identity docs management, issuing authorities management, multi language support, plus all standard features.

COMMUNITIES: independent management for each single community such as Country, company, dealer, campus, etc.

VEHICLE: vehicles database; geolocalization; damage management, multi brand onboard devices management, plus all standard features.

RESERVATIONS: list of vehicles reservations; advanced assignment strategy (depending on availability, underbooking, overbooking).

TRIPS: list of trips in progress and trips history; real time updates on road, damages and cleaning status.

ZONES: list of operative areas where the sharing service is available.

PRODUCTION ANALYSIS: reports and statistics based on users, vehicles, reservations, trips and trends.

MESSAGES: alarms/alerts/warnings management, messages via SMS, email, push notification.

BUSINESS: invoice module including multiple pricing table, voucher/promotions, coupons, articles/prepaid vending, wallets management, gamification incentives.



Company brand

Company's brand

Web admin/final user interfaces, mobile app are provided as "white-label". You can create your own platform with your company's brand using our APIs/libraries or adding/modifying the code of MOVENS. ENS.



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance as a default configuration.



The team of MOVENS considers the security as an intrinsic feature of the code, not a policy to apply. Frequent audits, continuous integration and deployment check scripts are at the base of our security philosophy.



Complete integration with outsourced third-party payment gateways including customized pricing policy and invoicing creation (e.g.: Zuora).



Real time reports and statistics, including predictive analysis using heuristic rules or Artficial Intelliegence technologies.  

Movens Sharing

Powerful platform

MOVENS infrastructure is independent from proprietary platforms.

The standard deployment is on a Kubernetes/Dockers CLUSTER environment. It works both in “on-premise” or “cloud” systems. It offers some important features and advantages:

  • Automated horizontal scaling of services (pods)
  • Automated recovery in case of service failure
  • Automated rolling deployments for seamless software releases
  • Continuous development, integration, and deployment.

Kubernetes hosted by Google Cloud Engine (but also by other providers such as Amazon EKS, Microsoft Azure) also provides:

  • Cluster hosts auto re-scaling (Its autoscaling capabilities are designed to tolerate extreme spikes in traffic: it can scale up to 1 million users instantly)
  • External load balancer
  • CDN (content delivery network, the goal is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users)
  • Firewalling management