November 26th, 2021

How SMART is a smart city?

TiiQu hosted an interesting discussion panel on how the future of Smart Cities needs to be not only smart but also sustainable and resilient.  

Speakers: Domenico Mangiacapra, CEO of Henshin Group and Regiane Relva Romano, Head of Smart City Fances in São Paulo, Brazil.  Moderator: Laura Degiovanni

Domenico Mangiacapra discusses on how creating a connected SmartCity ecosystem requires, from a technological perspective, the development of cross‐sectoral platforms designed for services’ integration.

Realizing a connected Smart City ecosystem comes through the implementation of comprehensive and integrated solutions both at foundational infrastructures and IoT software level.

Discover more about how MOVENS, the open-source mobility platform designed to be the Hub in the Smart City, can accomplish the technological integration between two key areas in terms of ecological and social sustainability and in the fight against climate change and pollution: Mobility and Energy

Click here to watch the panel discussion.  



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MOVENS is the open source mobility meta-platform which is evolving to be the IoT Hub in the Smart City and setting a new standard in the Tech Mobility Market.  

The high-level abstraction architecture enables integration of all layers involved in the Smart City ecosystem physical devices, connectivity, services and implementation of a cutting-edge technology for each layer.

The microservices architecture of MOVENS enables both agile integration of platforms provided by global players and the analysis of large amounts of real-time data based on AI Technologies to deliver actionable business insights.

The goal is a complete integration of all kind of entities involved in a Smart City project to increase user-centric services, strengthen the societal values centered around people and contribute to a more sustainable mobility society.