December 4th, 2020


“Mens sana in corpore sano” - The project “Bike to work” (B2W) promotes the use of e-bikes for company employees and encourage more sustainable mobility for home-work or office-office trips.

Digital Technologies have the power to significantly change the ways people live, work, move, and the relationship between the public and private sphere.  

Paolo Paoletti, Imoving founder and CEO selected MOVENS to carry out the project “Bike to work” (B2W) and to promote the use of e-bikes for company employees and encourage more sustainable mobility for home-work or office-office trips.  

Promoting the use of bicycles for daily commuting from home to work is both a way to improve our city mobility ecosystem – thanks to the reduction of the pressure on public transport –  but also to enhance the regular physical activity and to foster a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Considering the majority of urban journeys are less than 10 kilometers long, pedal assist e-bikes represents a valid alternative to the use of private cars and an appropriate solution in relation to the current restrictions on the use of public transport caused by the pandemic.  

“Thanks to flexibility ensured by MOVENS technology”, says Imoving CEO Paolo Paoletti, “IMoving has developed several and customizable proposals to meet the different needs of companies. All offers include a module for advanced fleet management and a smart App for end-users”.  

MOVENS allows Imoving to enter the Internet of Things integrating connected vehicle technology in its comprehensive fleet: every bicycle can communicate telemetry data in real time (speed, mileage, bike tracking, and battery charge level in case of e-bike) and its maintenance status. 

MOVENS Sharing, the full turnkey solution for sharing mobility summarizing all previous models, from free floating, station-based, peer-to-peer, to corporate sharing, also includes the possibility to set specific rules for different groups of users (communities). The platform offers a hierarchical subdivision "by levels", up to four levels. This means that a single community, such as a company, can be divided into further groups according to rules defined by the internal organization of the company.  

In the case of a company person belonging to different groups, MOVENS allows to establish specific rules for the use of fleet vehicles for different categories of users.  

About IMoving

Imoving was established in 2012 with the idea of ​​extending the pleasure of cycling across all terrains and long distances to as many people as possible.

Today Imoving is the market leader in the supply of electric bike fleets for tourism and business. The company developed medium and long-term rental solutions of the "all inclusive" type. Insurance and assistance packages are also included in the rental contract to satisfy all customers’ demands and needs.  Assistance is personalized depending on the type of e-bike use and carried out “in house”, at the customer's facilities. The insurance packages cover from basic civil liability (RC) to Kasko formula, protecting the driver and vehicle in all its private and business use.

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MOVENS is the open source mobility meta-platform which is evolving to be the IoT Hub in the Smart City and setting a new standard in the Tech Mobility Market.  

MOVENS covers all the layers involved in the Smart City ecosystem: physical devices, connectivity, services and implements for each layer an open and cutting-edge technology. Its expandable software architecture enables to connect and easily integrate all platforms provided by the global players operating in the Smart City market. 

The goal is a complete integration of all kind of entities involved in a Smart City project to increase wellbeing services, to strengthen the societal values centered around people and to contribute to a sustainable mobility society.