January 24th, 2023

muniAI enhances its Emergency and Risk Management Platform through MOVENS Technology

MOVENS technology enables muniAI platform to collect any data from any IoT device within a Smart City. Administrators and city planners can now rely on a single AI-driven urban asset management solution that manages all entities and related services, ensuring timely intervention and maximum efficiency in case of incidents.

UK & Hong Kong -- January 24th, 2023: Henshin Group, tech company that developed MOVENS, an open-source and IoT platform designed to be the Integration Hub for Smart Cities, and Sechk Security Services, a technology company specializing in security-related services, announced a strategic partnership today. SecHK offers a range of services including security consulting and advanced software, and developed muniAI with a focus on Smart Cities and Infrastructure management platforms. 

The primary goal of this partnership is to establish a technology infrastructure that can collect and analyze real-time data from any Internet of Things (IoT) device within a Smart City, and use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically initiate business processes based on this data. This will improve the efficiency and functionality of the city's ecosystem.

MOVENS platform operates as an Integration Hub designed to connect all the entities from the different layers of Smart City areas, providing the foundational technology layer for integrating all user-centered services. Its high-level microservice abstraction architecture enables integration of all layers involved in the Smart City ecosystem and encourages the implementation of cutting-edge technology for each layer.

muniAI is a city operational and field service platform that helps cities run more efficiently. It collects citizen complaints through various channels, including WhatsApp, email, and a citizen's app, and quickly provides this information to the city's most relevant employee or contractor. The platform also integrates any IoT sensors and cameras and automatically generates tasks within the platform based on this data.

The synergy between Henshin's technology integration hub for seamless integration of Smart City solutions, and Sechk Security Service’s SaaS platform for Smart City easy management will expand the entire realm of the IoT data to create new business use cases. By leveraging the combined MOVENS-muniAI offering, smart city administrators and planners can now rely on one stop city task management solution driven by AI technology that manages all city assets and related services, such as lighting poles, traffic lights, irrigation systems, garbage cans and containers, various municipal facilities for different types of users, etc., and streamlines the workflows better than ever before, increasing overall team efficiency. Moreover, the muniAI platform – based on the extensive network of connected sensors integrated through MOVENS technology is also designed to handle any kind of emergency, including disaster and climate risks that may occur in any urban ecosystem, by predicting, preventing, and efficiently managing multiple tasks in response to dangerous circumstances.

In accordance with the adoption of global standards, MOVENS technology enables the correlation of different assets from the multiple domains of the Smart City and provides standardized data formats that muniAI then integrates with AI-driven solutions simplifying complex workflows and dramatically increasing team productivity. With this foundation, using enhanced, standardized, and real-time datasets from MOVENS, the comprehensive dashboard designed by muniAI is paving the way to become the leading distributed platform for a more user-oriented management of services, including citizen involvement in various forms through a smart app.


About Sechk Security Services and muniAI

Sechk is a security company that provides various solutions to help businesses of all sizes protect their assets and ensure continuity. One of their signature product is muniAI, a highly secured & robust SaaS platform specifically designed to manage citizens' calls, complaints, tasks, SLAs, emergencies, and assets. It combines all the data from IoT sensors and citizens throughout the city and displays it on one screen. This platform provides a real-time and smart monitoring system that enables quick and efficient communication with the citizens and improves their overall experience. Sechk's solutions are tailored to meet each organization's unique needs, whether a small startup or a large enterprise.

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