August 15th, 2020

Telematics Wire

Our view on Intelligent Tech Platforms for Smart City and Smart Citizenship was published in the August issue of the magazine Telematics Wire.

Mobility is the most intensive technology in the ecosystem of a Smart City. To improve the quality of life of smart cities inhabitants, to make our urban spaces more sustainable, healthier, safer and pleasant places to live in, we should adopt a holistic approach able to focus on interconnections (i.e. the hubs) amongst the single systems involved in the Smart City: Governance, Education, Energy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Buildings, Technology, etc.
In this theoretical framework, car becomes the hub of all-person centered services.

What clearly emerges nowadays is the necessity to take a step towards the development of intelligent tech platforms entirely user-centric and focused on individual and community wellbeing able to integrate the extensive range of differentiated services provided by the global players operating in the Smart Cities market.

Citizenship empowerment is therefore a dynamic process whereby citizens get increasingly be engaged with the services offered by the urban environment.

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