H3, insurance & mobility innovation adopted open source MOVENS Sharing as the base of their mobility market applications

GaiaGo, a spin-off of H3 founded in 2015, is the first electric mobility platform integrated into Real Estate which established a fruitful collaboration with Henshin two years ago.

Read more about synergies between the two companies through the interview to Giorgio Meszely, CEO and founder of GaiaGo.

Giorgio Meszely, CEO and founder of GaiaGo, the first electric mobility platform integrated into Real Estate, talks about the partnership established with Henshin two years ago as well as the synergies between the two companies.

GaiaGo is a company founded in Milan in 2015 as a spin-off of H3, a leading company in insurance products consulting, which has developed the first platform capable of putting sustainable and shared mobility at the service of the community both for urban regeneration projects and for companies, hotels and dealerships.

The fruitful collaboration between GaiaGo and Henshin led to the realization of the "Community Mobility Sharing" project with Sorgenia in 2019.

1) Why has GaiaGo chosen Henshin as business development partner?

"First of all Henshin is an international partner who has gained extensive experience in the mobility sector. Moreover, our choice was motivated by the fact that the mobility platform produced by Henishin is highly advanced because open source and cloud independent. GaiaGo, as an aggregative platform, is fully in line with Henshin on these two points which contribute to the definition of international standards".

2) What are the terms of the collaboration between GaiaGo and Henshin?

"The primary focus of our collaboration is the Community Mobility Sharing, i.e. the fleet management. Henshin’s platform has a cutting-edge modular architecture so that GaiaGo only uses part of the fleet management platform which is necessary for the development of its product". With regard to fleet management and the operation of the service: "Community Mobility Sharing represents an evolution of the concept of sharing and allows a corporate community – or a community living in a building – to plan their trips via the App and book the car so as to save time and then ensure a sustainable and accessible mobility service".

3) What are the sinergies between GaiaGo and Henshin?

"The two companies have synergies in launching standards within their respective areas of competence. That is, standards based on a fleet management software system that Henshin has designed with the purpose to connect and integrate the various verticalizations and horizontal levels developed by the players of the global Smart Cities market. From a commercial point of view, the mutual collaboration aims to offer and create value for the value proposition of the two companies and the platforms they have been developing. Similarly, the integration with GaiaGo allows Henshin’s platform to move towards the creation of a complex mobility ecosystem which involves Retail Automotive, large distribution and Real Estate) and towards the development of a common unit of measurement such as mobility credits.

Our collaboration with Henshin represents an innovation accelerator that allows a technological product to develop the ability to deliver services in the world of mobility, where a market for services rather than goods and commodities is forming".