Open source features

The Open Source Design - The New Frontier of Smart Cities

MOVENS is an open source platform designed to be the IoT Hub in the Smart City that sets a new international standard in the Tech Mobility Market.

MOVENS can be installed “as is” in a Kubernetes environment on the Amazon EKS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, …
MOVENS is hardware agnostic and can support virtually all the onboard devices via customized drivers.
MOVENS is fully compliant with GDPR; it’s possible to manage different settings related to the specific country rules.
The first release of MOVENS (MOVENS Sharing) includes the vehicle sharing module which offers the possibility for OEMs, corporates and local authorities to brand and launch an independent ridesharing service, an independent vehicle sharing service, other services and/or combinations of services within a single integrated app experience.
MOVENS Sharing platform is a complete end-to-end solution that automates every part of managing all kinds of ridesharing or vehicle sharing operation, including real time statistics, dynamic pricing, demand-supply balancing, billing module with accounting connection, communities management, driver behaviour.
MOVENS manages different transportation authorities (Train, Subway, Airlines, local transportation, vehicle sharing) so that Mobility companies can manage services to their customers and offer integrated trip solutions issuing all needed tickets managing only one payment.
MOVENS allows Mobility Players to offer extended integrated services in an easily and independent way.
Using MOVENS Sharing, mobility companies will be able to enter the vehicle sharing market with a state-of-the-art vehicle sharing service in all its forms: free floating, point to point, round trip, peer to peer solutions or a combination of them.
Flexibility is one of the main features of MOVENS, thanks to its open source design. Connecting and integrating existing operative modules, applications and platforms becomes easy.

Blue: community edition open source
Grey: business edition shared source

Open source model

To become a leading mobility platform it is essential the world wide diffusion.
The fastest way to empower the diffusion is the open source model which coagulates around it many independent software developers.
The most people use it the fastest is its diffusion.

Another advantage is the continuous improvement and development of the functionalities of the platform that is carried on not only by Henshin R&D people, but by the worldwide software community of the independent developers.

Movens platform is made of different modules which manage different areas of data.

There is a people core Module which manages people (users) data, a Vehicle sharing Module which manages the vehicle data and the logic of the trips (shared vehicles or multi means of transport trips) and a Business Core Module which manages the accounting of the trips, the fare prices, the invoicing and all the accounting related to the users trips.
The modules which are open source are the People Core Module, the Vehicle Sharing Module and the User Experience Libraries. Using these three open source modules it is possible to manage the vehicle sharing activity and backend-vehicle communication and UX design libraries give to the users the possibility to create their own app.

The Business Core Module, which can include a white label app and the payment gateways, is released on a monthly fee per vehicle and allows a company to calculate the trips fares, to invoice them, to manage the accounting of the trips and to manage a vehicle sharing company.

Here under in blue the open source and free modules and in black the shared code modules released on a monthly fee per vehicle base.

In this second image it is shown the content of the different modules . In blue the open source and free modules and in black on a shared code and on a monthly fee per vehicle base the other modules.

Blue: community edition open source
Grey: business edition shared source


The following tables show the main features that the core and business modules provide by default in their first release.

The full management can be done using a web admin interface or backend APIs.

Theoretically, a complete customized frontend (web admin) can be developed using the core and business APIs.
The mobile app is a tool for the end user of the services.

Evolutive timeline

Macro Verticals



Sharing Mobility
More than backend/frontend 300 APIs, native iOS/Android mobile communication/und final user service management libraries. A white label mobile app "ready to use"
Multi Tenant Solution
Independent management for each single community (Country, company, dealer, campus, ...) in the same MOVENS instance
Full Federation 
Car Pooling
Release planned May 21
Release planned July 21
Vehicle to Grid
Release planned July 21
Vehicles Mesh
Release planned September 21
Vehicle to Building
Release planned September 21

Vehicle Sharing Management (Released)

Sharing Model


Mobile App

Station Based
Platform+Mobile app: YES
Libraries +White Label
Point to Point
Platform+Mobile app: YES
Libraries +White Label
Free Floating
Platform: YES Mobile app: CUSTOM
Peer to Peer
Platform: Customization
Ride Sharing
Platform: Customization
Mixed Sharing
Platform: YES

MOVENS Macro Modules (Released)




Creation, identity docs management, massive creation, massive uploading, external IM, public registration, groups, customizable fields, global search, driving license check, driving license management, issuing authorities management, multi language support
Creation, hyerarchies, multiple communities, QR code management, per community UI customization
Creation, massive creation/uploading, groups, categories, commands execution, geolocalization, events, actions, parameters collection, multi brand onboard devices management
Libraries +White Label
Filtered vehicle searching, creation, cancellation, extension, details, technical details, basic assignment strategies
Basic strategies implemented: depending on availability, underbooking, overbooking
Open, close, route, events, real time, real time messaging, damages, cleaning status, management via BLE and/or HTTP communication with the vehicle
Geofence visual creation, garage creation, fleet assignement to garage, zone parameters (opening time, opening date, paid parking, only free floating, only round-trip, recharge, refuel, …), services availability
Production Analysis
Reports and statistics based on users, vehicles, reservations, trips and trends
Alarms/Alerts/Warnings management, messages via SMS, email, push notification
Payments, real time payments, scheduled massive payments, multiple pricing table, pricing tables per community, pricing tables per vehicle category, pricing table per zone, pricing table per time/date range, pricing table for additional costs, invoices creation, gateways for invoicing management, voucher/promotions, coupons, articles/prepaid vending, wallets management, gamification incentives
MOVENS already supports X-Pay Cartasi, BNL positivity, ComNpay, Paypal
Tag cloud

Data exchange

All the data in the platform can be exported

  • Automated horizontal scaling of services (pods)
  • Users
  • Users activity
  • Users driving/behaviour profile
  • Reservations
  • Trips
  • Vehicle events (gathered from the onboard devices sensors and canbus)
  • Vehicle actions (performed by operators/platform checks/final users)
  • Vehicle damages (categorized, free text, images)
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Payments/Transactions
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Statistics

The data can be exported

Via file (json, xml…) (sftp, https, …)

Via a direct connection with an external database or CRM/ERP

Via external webservices (APIs)

Attaching an agent to the platform communication/message ring

NOTE: the data extraction can be filtered in compliance with the privacy law of the interested country.