The Opensource Platform Ecosystem for Mobility and Energy


The Opensource Platform Ecosystem for Mobility and Energy

A Scalable Tech Foundation for Smart City Initiatives

Integrating various devices and sensors endowed with different technologies with the existing communication infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges in developing sustainable and efficient Smart Cities.

MOVENS is an IoT platform designed to be the technological infrastructure for the implementation of Smart City initiatives starting with the integration between mobility and energy sectors.

Competitive advantage is structured on three aspects:

  • High-level ARCHITECTURE designed to be the Smart City Technology Hub  enabling native integration with 3rd party urban ecosystem services.
  • OPEN-SOURCE ensuring full stakeholder control over the entire system, quick global coverage, evolutionary community support, and ecosystem creation.
  • EXCLUSIVE ADOPTION OF GLOBAL STANDARDS ensuring full interoperability, replicability, and scalability.

The platform is evolving according to global standards defined by two distinguished alliances in which Henshin Group is a partner, MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) and EBA (European Battery Alliance).

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Enabling Open and Persistent Innovation

All Smart City services are delivered through technology platforms. A process of integrating all services is currently underway on a global scale .  Among the wide range of platforms in the global digital marketplace, the mobility platform is the most technologically complex and becomes the hub of service delivery.

MOVENS has an expandable software architecture designed to integrate all layers and entities involved in the Smart City ecosystem: physical devices, app, services, and to implement open, state-of-the-art technology for each layer.

MOVENS technology operates as a "meta-platform" that can easily integrate all applications and, through the integration of AI modules, is able to provide evolutionary business insights.

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✓ MOBILITY: sharing and transportation.

✓ ENERGY: connected batteries, energy systems management, smart grid, energy communities.

✓ INSURANCE: connected vehicles.



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Ecosystem Foundations

MOVENS technology is the core infrastructure designed to connect a wide range of applications specific to a business market.

The platform strategy is based on the integration of 3rd party modules into the MOVEN ecosystem to provide specific additional services and features.

MOVENS is the foundations for creating of an ecosystem of third-party solutions.

If you are a company interested in building an ecosystem for the Smart City with MOVENS, be free to contact us.


Why choose MOVENS?


Open source
Cloud agnostic and containerized deployment strategy
Scalable event-driven architecture
Easy third-party integration
Great customization features
Short time-to-market
Device independent
State-of-the-art Standard Protocols

MOVENS, the intelligent IoT platform designed on three core technological principles




The API layer, the modularity of the solution, the native integration with 3rd party urban ecosystem services (e.g., Machine Learning, Payment gateways, …), and the availability of source code give MOVENS clients the flexibility to go beyond pre-built functionalities and create additional services and applications.





MOVENS is distributed under open-source license to facilitate its rapid deployment on a large number of environments on global scale. Easy and independent customization as the Customer can have the control over the whole system.





Compliance with the new standards is mandatory to be a strong player in this market and build a value proposition that stands out from competitors.  As shown in the figure below, MOVENS technology is constantly updated through the implementation of state-of-the-art standard protocols in the platform.