MOVENS, the mobility meta-platform entirely user centric and focused on citizen wellbeing

MOVENS, the mobility meta-platform entirely user centric and focused on citizen wellbeing

Innovation accelerator meta-platform

Moving towards a greater and systemic integration of all person-centered services. Taking a step forward in the current scenario of the most cutting-edge platforms available on the market.

MOVENS allows to overcome the current fragmentation among the several functional areas – Smart Governance, Smart Education, Smart Energy, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, Smart Buildings, Smart Technology and others – in the global Smart City market. It doesn’t offer services, but it is a mobility meta-platform for services delivery: it has been engineered to be the cutting-edge technology able to connect and easily integrate all platforms provided by the global players operating in the Smart Cities market range from small start-ups to international giants. MOVENS is an open source software ecosystem that easily enables private companies to integrate with municipal government to bring innovative solutions tailored on user needs and requests for a more sustainable quality of life.

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A new approach to the Smart City ecosystem

The current trend is towards the convergence of few tech mobility platforms to operate transversally and universally.

To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities arising from the philosophy of the smart city there is need to develop a new disruptive approach based on an integrated multi petal formula, stressing on the complex interconnections (i.e. the hubs) and on fully integration with the several entities that gravitate around the mobility horizon. Based on this new approach it is possible to integrate different stakeholders, both physical users, local communities, service providers and virtual users and communities (i.e. online).
MOVENS is the mobility meta-platform designed to be flexible, easily integrable and highly scalable.

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  • USERS: customer database; identity docs management, issuing authorities management, multi language support, plus all standard features.
  • COMMUNITIES: independent management for each single community such as Country, company, dealer, campus, etc.
  • VEHICLE: vehicles database; geolocalization; multi brand onboard devices management, plus all standard features.
  • RESERVATIONS: list of vehicles reservations; advanced assignment strategy (depending on availability, underbooking, overbooking).
  • TRIPS: list of trips in progress and trips history; real time updates on road, damages and cleaning status.
  • ZONES: list of operative areas where the sharing service is available.
  • PRODUCTION ANALYSIS: reports and statistics based on users, vehicles, reservations, trips and trends.
  • MESSAGES: alarms/alerts/warnings management, messages via SMS, email, push notification.
  • BUSINESS: invoice module including multiple pricing table, voucher/promotions, coupons, articles/prepaid vending, wallets management, gamification incentives.
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MOVENS is designed for integration and is constantly evolving both for integration with existing platforms and solutions and for the development of verticalizations on specific market segments. MOVENS favors the creation of an ecosystem of third-party solutions.

If you are a company interested in building an ecosystem for the Smart City with us, please contact us.

Why choose MOVENS?

Our meta-platform is grounded on International State of the Art Standards.

Core engineering and open source code will represent a disruptive market approach which consists in a new mobility platform available to all operators. A new independent mobility platform.

Build your future today.


Open source model to ensure customers’ independence from mobility operators
Peculiar architecture to allow the connection to more different platforms which gives the chance to have just one enter point and a unique data management
Scalable event-driven architecture
Cloud independent (MOVENS can easily be installed on every cloud at customer’s choice)
OBD (on board device) independent
An end to end vehicle sharing solution which allows easy and friendly user designed interface

MOVENS, the future standard mobility meta-platform

We have developed an open source software platform designed to be the hub of IoT in the Smart City: it is called MOVENS.



MOVENS contributes to create a holistic approach for the smart city development and overcome the traditional proprietary vision still existing today in urban services management and leading to fragmentation, cost increase and missed business opportunities relating to better quality of life.



MOVENS has been designed to bridge this technological gap in the global market: it aims to be a new standard in the mobility global platforms market and to be the meta-platform able to connect and integrate other apps and platforms providing services for smart cities.



MOVENS represents the largest business opportunities for global companies and municipalities because it allows to leverage an extremely wide ecosystem of business chances and synergies by moving the market into its next stage.

By engaging in an open mobility ecosystem model, cities can more efficiently power their ecosystem today and drive sustainable innovation for tomorrow.